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Core Drilling & Concrete Cutting

AAA Affordable Drilling & Sawing LLC, also offers core drilling and concrete pool removal.

Wall Sawing
Our wall sawing capabilities are almost unlimited. We can wall saw through 4-foot thick stone, concrete, brick, block, and granite walls on any angle, right side up or upside down. Wall sawing is also used to created doors and windows in concrete home and commercial buildings. All of our saws can be used for concrete cutting.

Flat Sawing
When flat sawing indoors and outdoors, we use 3 phase electric saws, propane saws, and diesel saws with scrubbers capable of spinning up to 72-inch diameter blades. Flat sawing is used to cut roadways, trenches inside buildings for plumbing, and many more uses.

Core Drilling
We can core drill just about any size diameter hole. Upside down, dry and on any angle through stone, concrete, cinder block, asphalt, brick, and granite. We can also core drill through steel plates. Our core drilling capabilities are almost unlimited.

Hand Sawing
Our hand sawing equipment runs on electric, gas, and hydraulics with flush cut capabilities. We are capable of removing anything that we cut or drill such as:

 • Cutting Egress Window Openings
 • Cutting Bilco Door Openings
 • Cutting and Drilling all Concrete, Stone, Brick, Block, and Asphalt


Wall Work - Concrete Pool Removal in Hainesport, NJ

Concrete Breaking
We have concrete breaking equipment for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our concrete chain saws in combination with our other equipment can be used to create almost any size opening without over cuts.